Monday, September 27, 2010

My recent crafts

I know I know, 2 blogs in one night...don't worry this one's not gonna be nearly as much as the last. I just have to show off a couple of my projects that I've completed.

This first one is my VERY FIRST QUILT!!!! Yay!!! When I started this one I had every intention of it being a big warm quilt to curl up under. While buying fabric I did not read all the directions and failed to notice that the quantities were for a wall hanging. What a dissappointment. And since I'd had the fabric for months before starting it I couldn't go buy more. But that's ok, turns out a smaller wall hanging is better to learn on than a huge quilt. Now this quilt is far from perfect, and I've since learned a few tricks and techniques, but for a first quilt I am really happy with it.

I machine quilted most of it but I did hand-sew around each of the 13 stars. That took a lot of patience let me tell you. And since I'm blind at night I only had a few precious hours on the weekends to do this.

I even signed and dated my quilt :D

This next one is one that I whipped together yesterday evening after church. The legs on this witch are toilet plungers (yes, you could say I'm my father's daughter) the body is an upside down flower pot, and the arms are wire coat hangers (Marc failed to bring me home wire so I improvised). I even cut up some of my socks for her. I think she turned out super duper cute! She still needs a broom but believe it or not craft stores no longer sell the mini craft brooms :( So everyone keep an eye out for me and let me know if you find one!


  1. The witch is adorable... but that quilt is BEAUTIFUL. Your FIRST quilt. Wow. Jes, you are amazing!