Monday, September 27, 2010

Labor Day

So I was talking to my mom the week before Labor Day and she was saying how the family was going to be heading down to Zions for the weekend to hike the Narrows. Marc and I love to hike and we love we figured why not join them? Thursday night after work we rushed home, threw our bags in the car, fixed a dinner plate to-go, and raced off to the ferry (all this in about 30 mins) We got off the ferry at 8 pm and proceeded to drive all night to Utah. Talk about a long drive. We arrived in Utah at about 10:30 which is when I phoned my mom. (Did I mention that my family had no idea we were coming?-with the exception of Sky) After a little prying, I learned mom was just getting in the car to run some errands before going to work. I was just getting to the neighborhood as she was pulling out and the rest of the phone call went something like this..

Jes: (as we pass cars) Hi mom, hi mom...Bye mom

Mom: What?

Jes: Um, I think you missed something

Mom: What?

Jes: I think you should turn around

Mom: What?!? ..... Am I turning around?

Jes: (by this time I've turned around and proceeded to get behind her at a red light) No..., your light is green so you should probably go


Jes: I don't know, am I?

Mom: Jes how are you in Utah?

At this point she has seen me and is heading back to the house. Instead of lecturing me on the dangers of driving 14 hours straight thru the night, she starts chewing me out for not telling her I was coming so she could take work off. Luckily after a few phone calls the nice ladies she works with told her not to come in and to go play with her daughter instead.

After unloading our bags and taking a nice long shower and a couple more phone calls with Dad and Tay they went very similar to the one above, Marc crashed on the couch and mom and I headed out shopping.

After a family bbq with all my siblings in one room (that hasn't happened in about a year) we all piled into the excursion and headed to St. George. Yes Marc and I spent a grand total of 19 hours in a car.

The next morning we again piled in the car and headed into Zions and hiked the Narrows. Here's a few pictures from our day. There's not too many cuz we had the camera packed in a water proof bag most of the time, and it was quite the ordeal to pull it out.

That's deep water cuz these two are over 6 ft tall!

Jordan (Sky's girlfriend) had some issues with "bubble pants" :D

My attempt to get a photo with no sunglasses, my goofball brother refuses to cooperate

When we got back to the house Sunday we had my cousin Tanner come over and snap a few family photos. Here are the results, remember we are not professionals.

Thumbs up to Tanner! Trying to get this group to focus is no easy task.
We also snapped a few photos of Sky with his motorcycle and the shirt mom made him for his birthday.

Then of course a few of Seth and Cinnamon goofing off.

Bright and early Monday morning Marc and I got back on the road and headed home. Other than being super tired and exchanging colds (Marc started the trip with one and I ended with it)we had a great labor day weekend.


  1. So fun! Love the family pics, and Skyler's hair is SHORT! :) It looks great. :)

  2. I think that's wicked fun. I have always wanted to hike the Narrows at Zion and you guys did it - and last minute at that!! What a fun family trip. Glad you guys were able to make it. What a fun Labor Day!